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Installing IntelliJ IDEA to Ubuntu Linux

JetBrains recently announced that their famous IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, has been open sourced as an Community Edition. Now this is some good news — more alternatives to NetBeans and Eclipse.

The Windows version contains an installer, as usual, but the Linux version, downloadable from here, is just a tarball with no further instructions. Apparently Linux users are expected to be able to figure things out themselves, unlike their Windows-using colleagues :-) Anyway, here’s how to set it up in Ubuntu:

  1. Ensure (from Synaptic) that you have sun6-java-jdk package installed. IntelliJ IDEA apparently works only with Sun’s JDK.
  2. Download the IntelliJ IDEA tarball and extract it somewhere.
  3. Edit the idea-IC-somenumbers/bin/ file and add the following line there, just before the first if clause: IDEA_JDK=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun. (It would be more orthodox to define the path in some system configuration file like /etc/environment, ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc, but it requires logging out and back in and if I have zillion windows open I don’t want to do it, so…)
  4. Try launching the IDE by running If it doesn’t work, check that the file is executable, and that the path mentioned above is correct, and that the JDK actually exists in the end of that path!
  5. Right-click on the desktop, pick Create Launcher... and for Command browse to the file mentioned above.

Now the IDE will launch by just clicking the icon! You can then drag the icon to the Panel, or do whatever you like.

Last modified: 2009-11-18 19:33 +0200

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