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Version History

WIB 0.93 - 22 Nov 2009

  • Added a workaround for PHP Bug #22108 which caused problems in parsing TOC touched with crappy editors such as Microsoft Windows Notepad.
  • WIB_PAGENAME_EXTENSION now applies to TOC file, too.
  • Staticmatic has now less destructive internal behavior and no undue warnings.
  • Caching mechanism works now also for sitemap.xml and robots.txt.

WIB 0.92 - 8 Nov 2009

  • Added SmartyPants Typographer for magically improved typography.
  • Improved representation and behavior of non-alphanumeric and non-ASCII characters in the URLs.
  • index is now treated as a special name. They will be shown as, for instance,, instead of For consistent behavior, it’s strongly recommended to name the main page of each subcategory to index.
  • Miscellaneous fixes here and there, including proper robots.txt and sitemap.xml generation in staticmatic.

WIB 0.91 - 25 Oct 2009

  • Added automatic robots.txt and sitemap.xml generator, for optimum indexing by search engines.
  • Added $parameters->parentactive to template parameters, to allow creating collapsing and expanding subnavigation.
  • Sanitized path definitions.
  • Small miscellaneous cleanups here and there, including documentation.

WIB 0.90 - 11 Oct 2009

  • First public release of WIB CMS. This is not a stable release but a prototype, albeit a working one. The code is a bit spaghetti here and there, some known inconsistencies do exist, changes are to be expected, various bugs are quite likely. That said, it is usable; use at your own risk :-)
Last modified: 2009-11-22 20:25 +0200

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